It’s Been a While

Dear City Lovers,

It’s been a while since I have posted on this blog. To be honest, a long while. Since I last completed my walk of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods, I was also busy on another project. This one, a life project.

Six months after completing my last walk around Hyde Park, my mother, who experienced dementia and lived in a care home, fell and broke her hip. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in a position to have surgery. She died soon after. And another writing project took shape before me.

You see, I had been writing another blog, Find You in the Sun, about a daughter’s slow waltz with her mother’s dementia. And the mandate before me now was to shape that blog into something tangible, something that would be a guide for other family members and loved ones of those experiencing dementia. Something that would be a deep dive into the present moments I shared with my mother.

Today, I am happy to announce:

I’ll Have Some of Yours: What my mother taught me about dementia, cookies, music, the outside, and her life inside a care home.

Order the book here.

Watch the trailer here.

Won’t you sit for a while and take this journey with my mother and me? Or visit to learn more about workshops, appearances and book signings.

Soon, I hope to return to my city wanderings, those in my head and on my feet. But in the interim, remember that the best way to make this city your home is create, connect, converse.

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