To My Friends in Ohio – Even One Woman Is Too Many

poem-solo_350dpi-663x1024Ask yourself this question. “Do I know, no matter the connection, a woman who has been sexually victimized through verbal or physical assault or rape?”

Right now, if you know me, you are connected to those women by two degrees of separation.

With the election less than a week away, I have waited too long to make this plea to my friends and associates in Ohio. Because I was a life-long Republican. Because of the World Series. Because I want my words to be perfect. And they’re not. Because, because, because.

No more.

Today, I beg you to consider what a vote for Donald Trump means to the women in your life, what that vote would mean for Emily Doe. You don’t recall Emily Doe? Read more here. She was named Glamour’s Woman of the Year. You don’t know why? Read more here.

Consider how your vote for Donald would embolden more Donald’s, more Brock’s, more Baylor or NFL football players to take away the worth of our young women, old women, black, white or Latino woman, any woman.

I have known too many women (even one is too many) who have been sexually victimized by men they know, whether they were in the wrong place or at the wrong time or under the wrong influence or in the wrong circumstances, should not matter. That they were with that person at all should not matter.

You know them too.

They are you, or they surround you. They are daughters and mothers, sisters and wives, and granddaughters and nieces. They are cousins and roommates and co-workers. They are politicians, and executives, the woman at the bank, women on the streets, and those who care for the elderly and those who do their best work at home.

Their names are not named in the headlines – under the guise of protection in a society that has done little to protect women at all.

But you can.

With one vote.

In a state that matters.

One vote.


Because even one woman is too many.


Picture credit: Sara Caswell-Pearce who so lovingly recreated through art an image of my sister I had painted through poem.


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