“Best of”… Cincinnati

Dear Readers and Friends,

It’s Best of Cincinnati time again! (Vote below).I am humbled to be nominated in the Local Author category. There are many amazing candidates to be sure, each one authoring a life in this gem we call our city.

FullSizeRender-2In my days, I work to find the connections that makes each person, each writing piece a unique contributor to the fabric of Cincinnati, weaving in poetry about the homeless, essays about a mother with dementia, snapshots of my morning finds from walks around the city, and rants about the Bengals. In those words and pictures, I always strive to find the hidden, the rare, that which moves us, that which inspires.

Many other citizens, including the other nominees in this category, accomplish the same goal in a different manner. We are all local authors in that sense.

All are eligible to vote, provided the voter selects a candidate in ten categories. Click here to vote. (Arts & Nightlife). Voting ends Feb 8th!

Read below for some of my favorite posts:

Embarrassed by Those Who Are Embarrassed

Reminiscing about Old Age

Lucky Sparrow

I am tucked inside somewhere
bitter cold winds whipping across the yard.

A sliver of wind’s breath slips in
through the crack in the door
sneaking around the kitchen
taunting my curled toes and bare ankles
blowing cold my coffee
leaving frozen flakes
of coddled cream
across my cup.

Soon a shiver travels up my spine
and I remember
the trembling woman I brushed past
on the street as I rushed
pulled up my collar and yanked down
my hat to keep the chill
from permeating my shield of wool.

Her hands were crippled by frost, her face
pocked with holes, mottled by age
her eyes
cold and vacant
as if the wind had swept inside her
and frozen solid her soul.


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