Husband Moves On (from Cincinnati Enquirer Subscription)

Dear Enquirer,

FullSizeRender copy 6There is no easy way to say this, so I will just say it: it’s time I moved on.

For over 25 years I have enjoyed our relationship.

I recall fondly stopping home from work after being on call in 1990 to buy the Sunday paper–because at the time it was what I could afford. My wife and I would grab a cup of coffee and read solid journalist pieces that helped me better understand my community.

As soon as we could, we got the full subscription, loving the way the ink rubbed off on the hand, and the smell of fresh news.

But let’s face it. You’ve changed. No longer do you encourage thoughtful insight into the news that directly and indirectly effects our great City. You’ve become petty, caustic, and to be honest, downright detrimental to the amazing transformations occurring.

There will be days that I miss parts of you, I suppose. I know I will still sneak around to find a good article by Doc or a funny Zits comic. But I won’t miss the you that you have become–that’s for sure.

One last thing, and this is a little awkward.

I’ve found someone else. Well, ok, actually two someones.

Sure, it isn’t a daily, and the ink doesn’t have the same smell.

But I’ve got to tell you, the Cincinnati Business Courier has really caught my eye, and to honest, my heart.

And City Beat makes me use my brain far more than you ever did.

So, after all these years, it’s over.
Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s me.
Either way, wish it didn’t have to be.

Mark Manley, Over-the-Rhine



  1. Hi Mark
    I saw your post. We at WCPO Insider feel your pain. Right now, you can join Insider for the first month for free to try out all of our content and see if we provide what you are looking for. In addition to our stories, you also get access to Insider Rewards. That’s access to more than 300,000 deals and discounts. If we aren’t what you are looking for, you can cancel within that first month and it won’t cost you anything. And if you do decide to cancel, I would appreciate any feedback on how we can better serve your needs.
    Thank you
    Mike Canan Editor in Chief

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