God Was a No Show

Changing up my usual blog post for a poem:

No Show

God didn’t show
for work this morning.

I figured She knew I was coming,
as I rushed through a shower, blow dry
and feeding the dog

As I pulled on boots, gloves, scarves
to brace against cold I knew would melt my heart
if only I could get there

And then, the bells rang,
I closed in at number six
stepped through at seven
was seated by number eight

And I waited. Me and Benny
the homeless guy with his forehead
resting on the back of the walnut pew.
Yeah. It was gonna be that kind of day

And yet, no God

I tossed off my hat, unzipped my coat
ashamed of its smears of city dirt
But God forgives, if She shows

So I waited and stared
waited for the sun to rise through the stain
of glass, stained by sin, no doubt

The donkey outside brayed
The semi-truck dumped
buses rolled
an angry man on the corner yelled

I just kept hoping if I sat long enough
God would show up.
I tried to will Her here
I tried to make the pews levitate
because I noticed they had leaves
carved in their sides,
leaves that looked like wings,
and thought the benches could fly

And when I couldn’t makes the benches fly
I stopped waiting for God.
Truth be told, I had to let Her go too
on top of everything else.

And once I released Her from duty
a sort of teary calm came over me
and Benny lifted his head
maybe he felt a draft
or God walking out ahead of me.

12/30/14 1:21 PM


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