Gettin’ Some City Gear

I had a two hour window between getting home from work and an evening meeting, and decided to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. After a long week of airline travel and restaurant food, a run through downtown seemed just the ticket. As I reached for my running shoes though, I realized the shoes were the singular victim of our two state, four city odyssey, lost most likely at our last stop along the trail through the West. A run was not to be.

photo copy 3If I were still living in Loveland, I would jump in the car and head for Dick’s or The Then I recalled a recent visit to Koch’s Sporting Goods on Fourth St. for emergency Bengals gear (hoody, just so you know, no jersey for me. Rick Reilly said it best: “Dude, do you realize you are walking around with another guys name plastered on your back?”). I wondered what my options for running gear might be. A quick call set me on foot, in hiking shoes, to see what shopping for running shoes in the City had to offer. Ten blocks later, I reached my destination, and upon entering I was met with the wall, the veritable cornucopia…of sports tee shirts, sweats, hoodies and the like, mostly adorned with Bengals, Reds and UC colors and logos. No shoes!

But as my eyes focused from the bright sunlight, I saw shoes, a wall of shoes at the back of the store, some 100 feet deep into the space. Indeed, there were soccer, football, tennis, basketball and running shoes. Not the breadth of options Bob Ronkers offers, but well within the needs, and abilities of a 50ish year old who’s marathon days were long over. As I perused the shoes my eyes gazed upward. Along the walls on either side were water skis, wakeboards, tow ropes, snow skis (both downhill and cross country). I found it hard to think of a sport, however unlikely to be enjoyed within city limits, that was NOT represented in a meaningful way in this ample shop, a shop whose street frontage couldn’t be wider that the average Subway sandwich store. I was amazed by what could be found in the city, when you took the time to look.

I met a great salesman, who was truly intrigued by our move downtown, and became my reason for choosing Koch’s to get my next pair of shoes. Indeed I got the shoes, pretty sweet looking and comfortable Asics. And walked home. Hey, I had to break them in first!

If the winter is as bad the Farmers Almanac says it will be, I know just where to get my cross-country skis. I just won’t tell anyone else where to find them – until after I get there.

Editor’s Note:  This from the Koch’s website:

Koch Sporting Goods is Cincinnati’s Oldest and Largest Sporting Goods store. We offer a full line of team sporting goods products including team equipment and uniforms. Our decoration services include silk screening, custom embroidery, and applique. We also offer a complete line of licensed products including all MLB and NFL teams, plus many NBA, NHL, and College teams. Koch’s has been in business since 1888 and is family owned and operated. Koch’s services the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, as well as many local College, High School, and Youth Sports Teams. We carry sports equipment for Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Racquetball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Track and Field, Swimming, Fitness, Golf, Ski, Hockey, and many more. Koch’s is also a Full Service Ski Shop. We offer ski tune-ups and waxing. Koch’s carries a full line of trophies, awards, and plaques. Contact us for Team and School Discounts!


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