New Surrounds, New Voice

photo copyWhen my husband and I visited NOLA a few years ago, we discovered a favorite Jackson Street artist.  Upon our return to Cincinnati, we attempted on several occasions to justify the expense and locale of one of her paintings. Instead, we settled on her small Louis Armstrong portrait, captured mid-stream blowing into his trumpet.  Last week, when we moved to the city, I asked Mark about the artist again, knowing we know had the space and a little bit of cash to spend on art.  “She’s changed her style,” he noted.  “Oh, shoot.”  I loved her work.  She could paint more of NOLA on one canvas than I could capture using 50,000 words.  “I guess she’s like any other artist, wanting to try something new, maybe she found love, or a new inspiration,” I mused aloud to Mark. “Maybe,” he shrugged back. Or maybe I was projecting.

Last week a friend asked when I would write more about this move to the city.  I reminded her I had written plenty over the past four years, about our projected move. I called the blog Generation U(rban). Over time, I ran out of enthusiasm for that blog, tiring of posting photos of work in progress, or attempting to predict my actual feelings about happenings in the city.

So this week, in what I had hoped to be the first without husband, children or contractors around (one just rapped on the door), I begin a new chapter, new blog, new voice.

I too find myself in want of fresh material, a desire for an updated, curious writing voice to match the new musings in my head. I hope this blog, or myself at least, can live up to those ideals.

The photo above is of the Robert Manley (no relation to husband Mark) law office. His efforts helped reestablish the mounted patrol in Cincinnati. Hence, the trough.  Drink up.



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  1. Is that the late Robert Manley, Esq.? He was great friends with Jolly’s parents (AND Jolly), and lived downtown for many, many years.

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